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ReSound Custom
hearing aids

  • More discreet than ever
  • No compromise on sound quality
  • Improved manufacturing process and fitting

An ongoing dedication to custom products

Whether your clients are looking for a durable, discreet and/or comfortable design, ReSound has unique custom hearing solutions to fit their needs. Our custom hearing aids are robust enough to stand up to everyday challenges. And as we are constantly evaluating and improving our solutions to deliver the best and most reliable experience, the newest version of the ReSound custom product lineup is even more advanced.

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More discreet
than ever

Since size is the most important factor when building a great custom hearing aid, we always strive to find ways to make these aesthetically appealing devices even smaller.

With that in mind, we have taken several steps to ensure that they are more discreet and comfortable than ever, so you can be confident when you deliver them to your clients.

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No compromise on sound quality

Pioneering features power the superior sound quality of ReSound hearing aids, such as Binaural Directionality.

Included in ITE models with directional microphones, it ensures that the brain has the right information to take advantage of an improved signal-to-noise ratio. Users can focus on the sounds they want to and monitor their environment.

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Improved manufacturing process

Creating discreet, comfortable and personalised custom hearing aids requires advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship. But consistency is key.

To help deliver a quality custom product every time, we have created a comprehensive and updated manufacturing process.

Key benefits

Improved manufacturing process

Custom manufacture lab

More consistency

New sculpting procedures, more data gathering from builds for constant improvements, and new, advanced 3D impression scanning technology provide greater consistency.

Audiologist fitting client CIC

Better fit

Our enhancements in sculpting and technology make your orders more efficient and ensure that all standards in size and fit are met, for a great first fit and client satisfaction.

Support headset

Less returns

A two-way dialogue starts with order evaluation and includes multiple quality checks in every step. Each technician evaluates every order for optimal acoustics and reviews the audiogram to help optimize the hearing aids design, power level, canal length and vent size. This close examination is done throughout the process to ensure your patients receive a personalised fit from the start.

Digital scan

While we have developed a way to build custom hearing aids that can give you great results now, we also have an eye on the future.

ReSound custom manufacturing facilities are digital ear scan compatible, so when you take advantage of our cutting-edge technology, we can make a great custom product from your digital file.

Custom manufacture

Colour options

A unique and comprehensive portfolio

There is a full family of ReSound custom hearing aids to select, including the industry’s only Mic-in-Helix (MIH) design and the first 2.4 GHz CIC wireless hearing aids. Available in a variety of skin-tone nuances, our custom hearing aid styles feature many design and power options, in addition to wireless enhancements, ear-to-ear communication and synchronised controls in the CIC, ITE and MIH models.

Advantages of

  • Better sound localisation
  • Increased speech recognition
  • Wind noise reduction

Direct wireless streaming - even from the small CIC

ReSound custom products work with iOS and Android™ devices, and the full portfolio of ReSound wireless accessories is available for the ITC, ITE, and MIH models. The ReSound LiNX Quattro™ CIC model now also features 2.4 GHz wireless streaming.

Your clients can stream audio directly with no intermediate device to their hearing aids from their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phones*, as well as personalise their hearing experience with the industry leading ReSound Smart 3D™ app.

*From Android version 10 with Bluetooth version 5.0