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It’s easy. It’s flexible. And it’s all yours...

Welcome to ReSound Accelerate. Years in the making, built with you in mind.

When it comes to status level, you’re not going anywhere

When you join Accelerate, you qualify for a status level based on what you’ve purchased. Worried about ups and downs in your practice? Don’t be. Accelerate locks in your minimum status level longer than anyone else in the industry.

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Where? How? When? Take your pick

Spend your FlexPoints where you want to spend them, how you want to spend them, when you want to spend them. MarketPlace puts options – with ReSound and with trusted partners – at your fingertips. You need it simple, you need it flexible, and Accelerate delivers.

Your benefits, your choice

We call them ChoiceBenefits, and we’re not kidding. Accelerate is simple – and that includes making it easy to access to a suite of insurance and savings plan options. Trusted partners provide the transparency you deserve, so you can make the best choices for your business.


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