ReSound Enya

A superior value wireless hearing solution

  • Clear speech
  • Quality sound
  • Superior value


A great opportunity

For the first time, ReSound's proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless technology is available in this price class, so your clients can enjoy direct streaming and control with ReSound wireless accessories and the ReSound Control™ app.


Available colors


BTE colors

RIE colors

Custom colors

Wireless apps and accessories

Advanced, discreet, intuitive tools for personalising sound

Smart 3D app - iPhone, Apple Watch, HAs white background

ReSound apps

Advanced and intuitive, ReSound apps provide each patient with a personalized hearing experience, enabling them to easily and discreetly control hearing aid settings right from their phone.

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ReSound Accessories Lineup

Wireless accessories

ReSound provides an entire ecosystem of wireless connectivity for streaming sound and on-the-spot personalization and control. ReSound wireless accessories can adjust sound in any environment to deliver the most clear, effortless hearing experience possible.

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